National AVID Demonstration School

IGH Middle Accepted as National AVID Demonstration School
Posted on 03/16/2018
IGH Middle School AVID StaffInver Grove Heights Middle School started implementing the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program only seven years ago, using its research-based teaching practices to prepare students for college and beyond. In that time, AVID’s focus on critical reading, inquiry, writing, organization, and advanced study skills as well as collaboration and communication has spread to all IGH Middle classrooms to help every student succeed academically, professionally, and personally. This March, IGH Middle School achieved a new level of success with AVID, becoming one of only eight National AVID Demonstration Schools in Minnesota.

IGH Middle has been recognized as a Highly Certified AVID School since it became eligible for the designation. Two years ago, though, the school earned the chance to apply to be an AVID Demonstration School. A demonstration school is nationally recognized for showing evidence of student achievement schoolwide. The designation also denotes the school as a learning center for AVID best practices and schoolwide teaching strategies that help all students experience rigorous instruction.

During the last two years, AVID coaches visited the school to observe its practices, measure progress, and provide feedback on what still needed to be done. At the beginning of 2018, IGH Middle was ready for its site visit. The middle school’s AVID staff organized a student panel for AVID representatives to talk to, held a presentation summarizing the staff’s efforts over the past seven years, and detailed their future plans for the program to serve more students.

IGH Middle has gone from holding one class meeting with a handful of AVID students every other day to offering 4 sections, full-time tutors and support staff for other students, AVID practices embedded into every classroom, and a school of staff trained to use AVID’s best practices.

More than 6000 schools across the country use the AVID program, but only 175 of those schools have met the rigorous standards to become a demonstration school. The designation must be reviewed every two years, and in the meantime, the IGH Middle School staff will continue to advance their AVID practices to improve outcomes for all of their students.