Parent Teacher Student Association: Join today!
PTSA sponsors many activities and events for the students and staff at IGH Middle School: student parties, staff appreciation, mini-grants for teacher requests, technology for our classrooms, and much more! Join and show your support today. 

IGH Middle School PTSA Mission Statement
The PTSA will act as an organization to assist in the following key points:
  • To support educational programs and activities that benefit students, school staff, and parents.
  • To be an additional branch of communication between school and home.
  • To encourage parent, school, and student involvement in our school and community.
  • To promote our organization and school in a positive light to the community.

IGH Middle School PTSA 2022-2023 Officers
President: AJ Oster
Vice President: Sarah Gutzman
Treasurer: Jen Shepard
Secretary: Desiree Diehl
Book Fair Coordinator: Jen Pieczka, looking for a shadow to take over!
Dine Out Night Coordinator: AJ Oster, looking for a shadow to take over!

PTSA Sponsored Events & Programs

-The PTSA hosts two parties per year for students. In the fall we host a 6th grade party and in the spring we host a combined 7th/8th grade party.
-The PTSA provides one meal for staff during each set of parent-teacher conferences.
-The PTSA provides mini grants to teachers to help offset the money teachers take out of their own pockets to provide supplies for their classrooms and students.
-The PTSA works with school staff to provide activities and prizes for teachers during Teacher Appreciation week in May.
-The PTSA, as much as we can, supports the school, staff, and administration with monetary donations on an as needed and as requested basis.

Staff Mini-Grant Request Forms
Middle School Staff can request a mini-grant by completing the request form: Click here for the mini-grant request form. Student Parents and Guardians: We have a variety of wishes from the middle school staff. If you can help out with a donation of time, talent, money, or an item, please consider giving to the IGH Middle School PTSA.

    Disclaimer from PTSA: IGHMS PTSA is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible.  Note, this is not to be used as advice, only information. Please consult with an income tax professional for advice.

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