See what books the Media Center has recommended each month by themes.

Read a Biography
March Display: Meet Someone New, Read a Biography
    March Madness
March Display: March Madness, Get in the Game, Read!!! 
Winter Olympics
February Display: Winter Olympics - Go for the gold, read! 
    Red books
February Display: Have you 'red' these books? 
 These Books Blue me Away
January Display: These Books 'Blue' me Away
     Before Google
January Display: Before Google  
Books Adapted into Movies
December Display: Books as Movies 

    Unwrap a Good Book
December Display: Unwrap a Good Book 

No-Shave November Books
November Display: No-Shave November - I mustache you a question

    Cozy up with a good book
November Display: Cozy Up with a Great Mystery

These books are scary good
October Display: These Books are Scary Good!

    New Books
October Display: New Books

Football display
September Display: Score a Good Book This Fall 

    Banned Books  September Display: Banned Books