CNA Graduates

Simley Graduates First CNA Class
Posted on 11/28/2018
A student accepts his certificate of completion for the Certified Nursing Assistant classSimley High School works to help every student graduate with a certification or credential that will help them in college or on their career path. This school year, Simley was able to offer its first Certified Nursing Assistant class to give students more opportunities to earn credentials and a certification as well as hands-on careers experience. Students learned nursing aide skills required for the state certification exam, practiced them while working at local medical facilities, and took the exam at the end of the trimester.

For two periods a day, students learned and perfected the more than 50 basic skills they needed for certification. Leading up to the exam, they learned and practiced skills like using and reading a mercury thermometer, putting on and removing medical gowns without letting them touch the ground, and carefully transporting patients. They also practiced their skills in clinicals, working three supervised 8-hour shifts at local medical facilities.

“I just thought it was a really cool and different class because we actually engage in these new skills and we put them into practice at clinicals,” one student said. “I thought that was a really valuable experience, working with real people.”

At the end of the class, all 15 CNA students said they were planning to continue their healthcare education, even if they had no intention of going into the medical field when they signed up for the class.

“I really enjoyed doing my clinicals, seeing the whole day-to-day [of a CNA] and forming relationships with the people in the units,” another student said. “It was just a really cool experience, and I’m glad that our school is offering this program.”

If they pass the state exam, CNA students will be certified as nursing assistants, allowing them to work immediately after earning their certification. Any student who completes the CNA course also earns 5 college credits, even if they don’t take or pass the state exam. Students interested in taking the Certified Nursing Assistant class can talk to their guidance counselor.