Classroom Technology

New technology Immerses Students in Learning
Posted on 02/13/2019
Students pose after unlocking their final mystery boxInver Grove Heights Schools students are using tablets and apps to immerse themselves in their learning. This year, classes have been able to use apps like Breakout EDU and Do Ink to demonstrate their knowledge in an engaging, hands-on way.

Recently, escape rooms have become a popular puzzle activity across the nation, and now Inver Grove Heights Schools students are using the clue-based concept for lessons. Using the Breakout EDU app, students receive clues that they must solve with teamwork and their in-class knowledge. Each clue solved helps students unlock boxes and find their next clues until students can unlock a main box that says “We broke out!” inside.

Using another app called Do Ink and a green screen, students can now transport themselves back in time, try out a career in news, and much more. While students learn about video production while filming with the green screen, they also learn about video editing in the app, including importing media and layering it to create a final product. The green screen technology also allows them to get creative and immerse themselves in the current learning unit.