5th Grade Science Fair

Hilltop 5th Graders Present Experiment Findings to Younger Students
Posted on 05/14/2019
A 5th grader shows younger students what he discovered while building a lava lamp at home.Hilltop Elementary School 5th graders were given the option to take their science lessons to the next level. Teachers gave eager future scientists experiments to do outside of class. Students brought back their findings to a 5th-grade science fair to teach younger students what they learned.

Students chose a project that they were interested in testing and used the scientific method to gather information for their Mini Science Fair presentations. Students used everyday supplies to research how lava lamps work, the components of a human cell, how plants are affected in different conditions, and how a potato or lemon can become a battery. The 5th graders displayed their results at the Mini Science Fair, and Hilltop classes visited to ask questions and learn from the new experts.