Spartan Superheroes Visit

Spartan Superheroes Connects Students and Builds Role Models
Posted on 10/07/2019
Simley Cross County team members talk to Salem Hills students at an assemblySpartan Superheroes is a districtwide program that aims to connect older and younger students in a positive, educational way. Students in Simley High School activities, from band to football to hockey, visit the elementary schools in Inver Grove Heights Schools. Team members talk to students about their activity and answer questions.

Simley Cross Country team members visited a schoolwide assembly this month at Salem Hills Elementary School to talk about what it means to be on a team. As part of the Spartan Superheroes program, the Cross Country team also stayed to eat lunch with students and play at recess with them. While the Spartan Superheroes program provides role models for younger students, it also gives secondary school students an opportunity to build their leadership skills.