Spartan Pathways

Spartan Pathways Helps IGHMS Students Develop a Plan for the Future
Posted on 12/11/2019
Inver Grove Heights Middle School studentThis school year, Inver Grove Heights Middle School introduced the Spartan Pathways class for all 8th-grade students. The second trimester class focuses on helping students transition to high school and gives them a roadmap for their paths from high school to college and career. The class consists of three main topics: how to effectively think, learn, and communicate; a college and career project; and high school registration.

During the college and career project, students create an achievable plan for their future. After choosing and researching a career that they would be interested in, students work backwards. They learn what requirements the job has and explore colleges that would help them fulfill those requirements. Students also make sure that they are considering the logistics of attending each college, including cost and available opportunities. From there, students look at Simley High School’s class offerings and determine what classes to take to get into their college of choice.

Spartan Pathways also supports students as they register for high school classes for the first time. Students meet with counselors three times. Counselors have a chance to present class options and information to students, work with them on what classes they might want to register for, and finally help them register for freshman year. The goal of Spartan Pathways is to help students create a plan for lifelong success.