College Preparation

Advanced Placement (AP) 
Simley High School students can earn college credit through nearly 20 AP courses. All AP classes are taught by high school staff who are certified to teach college classes. Students take the College Board's AP exams at the end of the year and, based on their scores, can earn college credit at nearly all colleges and universities in the United States and Canada and in more than 100 countries worldwide. Click here to learn more on the Advanced Placement webpage.

Simley AVID graduatesAdvancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) 
Students can apply to enroll in the AVID elective starting in 7th grade. The elective offers support for students who may have an average GPA but are determined to go to college. Students learn organizational, time management, and social skills that will help them succeed in secondary school, college, and their future career. Click here to learn more on the AVID webpage.

Bilingual & Multilingual Diploma Seals
Simley High School students who demonstrate proficiency in one or more languages other than English can earn college credit and a seal on their high school transcript. Students can earn up to four semesters of college credit depending on how well they can read, write, speak, and understand another language.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Simley High School offers CLEP exams that students can take to skip introductory college classes. Simley's CLEP exam offerings include communications, sociology, and algebra, and exams cost a fraction of the price of a college class.

Communications 11
Simley High School juniors who enroll in Communications 11 earn two college credits after completing the class. The class follows the College Success Strategies course curriculum from Inver Hills Community College and is taught by high school staff who are certified to teach college classes. Communications 11 introduces students to all aspects of college, from visiting the campus and preparing an application to using the Inver Hills library and writing center.

Simley High School student studyingPost-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)
Starting in sophomore year, Simley High School students can take college courses on Minnesota college campuses as part of the state's PSEO program. Students earn high school and college credit in the courses through dual enrollment, and they gain a better understanding of college learning. Click here to learn more on the PSEO webpage.

University of Minnesota College in the Schools (CIS)
Simley High School juniors and seniors can take introductory University of Minnesota classes through the College in the Schools program. Students can take college-level English and world language classes at Simley that are taught by high school staff who are certified to teach college classes. Upon completion of the class, students earn college credit to skip introductory college classes later.