Sarah Larsen

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Sarah Larsen

Sarah LarsenWhy do you want to be a member of the ISD 199 School Board?
I want to be a member of the ISD 199 School Board to help shape how Inver Grove Heights Schools can support children and families in education. I want to be at the table helping to make the decisions that will impact our kids’ education. I am simply a parent who wants the best education for our kids.

What experience do you bring to this position? How have your experiences prepared you to fulfill the responsibilities of a school board member?
I grew up in Inver Grove Heights and went to our schools. Enrolling my daughters in Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs introduced me back into Inver Grove Heights Schools as a parent. I quickly became involved in the Early Learning Advisory Council where I led the fundraising efforts. We visited the Capitol and met with local representatives to ask for their support in funding Early Learning programs. As my girls moved on in school, I joined the PTSA at Hilltop Elementary School where I have served as secretary and am currently on my second year as president. I am honored to support the families and staff at Hilltop. I also serve on the ISD 199 Advisory Council.

I feel connected to our schools and community through these groups and other activities my kids are involved in. They give me the opportunity to talk to families, community members, and teachers and listen to their views regarding our schools.

What are the most important issues concerning the Inver Grove Heights School District, and how would you address them?
The last 18 months have shown us many things, some good and some not so good. I believe we saw that kids are resilient; they went through the uncertainty with us, and we are making our way to the other side.

One of the things that helped us through the pandemic was good communication. I appreciate the time that was taken by the school district to make informed decisions regarding the safest learning models. Communication is key in education. Parents and families can support kids when they know what is happening in the classroom. The use of newsletters, Seesaw, and Schoology apps have made communication between teachers and families easier. I would like to see that good communication continue.

Mental health is also an important issue that became even more significant during the pandemic. Teachers have big jobs and play many different roles in students’ lives. I would like to see additional resources for teachers and staff to help identify and support mental health issues in students.

Ultimately, we are here to make decisions for our kids. We need to work together to make the best choices regarding their education.

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