Haworth Becomes CAPS Partner

CAPS Students Begin Work With Downtown Media Agency
Posted on 10/04/2021
CAPS Business and Entrepreneurship students at Haworth Marketing + Media building downtownThe TriDistrict Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Program is excited to partner with an international media agency to provide hands-on experience for juniors and seniors at Simley High School, South St. Paul Secondary, and Two Rivers High School. The TriDistrict CAPS students will work with Haworth Marketing + Media on a national campaign for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Haworth is a new partner for the program’s Business and Entrepreneurship class, which is entering into its third year.

The media agency, with offices in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, specializes in marketing and media solutions for a wide-ranging and ever-expanding list of local, national, and international clients. As a part of their mission of outreach, education, equity, and diversity, leaders from Haworth are collaborating with TriDistrict CAPS instructors to help students understand the marketing and media industry, the career opportunities that exist in the marketing, media, advertising, and affiliated industries, and an authentic view of the media industry’s day-to-day work.

“Haworth is honored to partner with TriDistrict CAPs and their mission to set students up for success in strategic career fields,” said Andrea Luhtanen, President of Haworth Marketing + Media. “Giving back to our communities is an integral part of Haworth’s model, and joining forces with TriDistrict CAPS is a natural extension in achieving our goal of building diversity in our industry. Everyone wins when we help build broad skillsets and spark interest in exploring careers in marketing, advertising, and media among a diverse student community.”

Students visit the downtown Minneapolis Haworth location each week to learn about the different types of media that are available to businesses, how to utilize them, and the strategies behind each to maximize impact for their clients. Students will learn how the media industry uses social media and influencers as vehicles for messaging, advertising, and communication. They will also learn about the intelligence and data behind these tools, the different types of jobs and careers that support each decision that is made, and how it all comes together to bring a solution to a client.

In addition to developing their industry knowledge, students are learning and refining their professional habits and developing a growth mindset. The high school students will work with Haworth on a project for one of their national clients, Dick's Sporting Goods. They will benefit from the expertise of Haworth team members and their TriDistrict CAPS instructors as they work in teams to develop and then present recommendations for an upcoming media campaign. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to develop a broad base of in-demand, transferable skills that will give students an advantage in their path forward, whether in higher education or the workforce.

"The TriDistrict partnership with Haworth Marketing + Media is a great example of what we do best in TriDistrict CAPS: Engaging purposely and strategically with visionary partners and, together, providing authentic learning experiences that capture students' interests, inspire them, and then help launch them into their futures,” TriDistrict CAPS Program Director Ben Kusch said. “We are so thankful to have such a great partner in Haworth and for the dedication and commitment they are providing through their time, talent, and expertise."