Rep. Craig Simley Visit

Rep. Angie Craig Visits Simley Students to Talk Economics, Finance
Posted on 03/23/2022
Rep. Angie Craig listens to a Simley student's questionU.S. Rep. Angie Craig visited Simley High School this spring to talk to a group of students about financial literacy and fiscal policymaking. Her visit was part of a program called the Capitol Hill Challenge, presented by the Charles Schwab Foundation. The program matches U.S. senators and representatives with schools and features the Stock Market Game, a national financial education competition for public middle and high school students.

A group of students, led by Simley Social Studies Teacher John Dorfner, have been participating in the Stock Market Game since January. The program challenges student teams to manage a hypothetical $100,000 online portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, impact investments, and cash. Over four months, students learn collaboration and critical thinking, improve their personal financial behavior, and get hands-on experience in economics and finance.

Rep. Craig visited the class to give them more background on economics and finance from her perspective as a representative. She also talked about her career pathway, which included working with a start-up company early in her professional life. She shared that she learned a lot about finance and economics by seeking out information and taking on different positions that would allow her to learn and understand the inner workings of businesses. She also talked about some successes and mistakes her own children have made with their finances as they have grown and taken an interest in business.

Representatives from industry trade group the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Foundation, which organizes the Capitol Hill Challenge, attended virtually along with representatives from investment banking company Morgan Stanley and financial services company Charles Schwab. They gave students advice on the best steps to take now if they are interested in starting their own investments. The virtual attendees encouraged students to take time to research the investments, including talking to parents, family members, and other acquaintances who can help them make the best choices for the future.

After the presentations, students asked questions about Rep. Craig’s career, current government policies, cryptocurrency, and tips for building a business. Rep. Craig closed out her visit by advising students to apply for internships. She told students that seeing how other businesses are run would help them gain the skills and knowledge to successfully build their own businesses someday.

Thank you to the SIFMA Foundation that selected Simley to participate in the Capitol Hill Challenge, and thank you to Rep. Craig and the finance professionals who attended as part of the visit.