MN Zoo eBooks

IGHMS Create Preschool Books for the Minnesota Zoo
Posted on 04/06/2022
A group of IGH Middle School sixth-grade students with their e-booksInver Grove Heights Middle School sixth graders are writing e-books for preschoolers as part of a service learning project for the Minnesota Zoo. IGHMS Reading Teacher Lisa Rose set up the project to give students a hands-on activity that would build their skills and that would produce something that helps others.

Before they began writing, middle school students learned about early childhood literacy. They learned some techniques to use in their e-books based on how preschoolers learn, such as including pictures. Students each chose an animal to write about and then researched it to include an introduction, facts, and a short quiz in their e-books. The finished products aim to teach preschoolers in Minnesota Zoo programs about conservation while increasing their literacy skills. Great job, students!