Hilltop Sloth Presentation

Sloth Sanctuary Speaker Visits Hilltop Second Graders
Posted on 04/06/2022
Sloth Sanctuary Team Member Susie Walker hears from Hilltop second graders over ZoomSusie Walker, Dallas World Aquarium Education Specialist and Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica Team Member, visited Hilltop Elementary School second-grade students virtually to teach them about sloths and tell some stories from the sanctuary. She taught students facts about sloths, talked about what the sloth sanctuary does, and told stories about some of the sloths that the sanctuary has rescued. Students learned about the eating habits of sloths, how they stay out of danger despite being so slow, and the differences between two-toed and three-toed sloths. They also had a chance to ask Ms. Walker questions. Students asked her what her favorite animal is, how much sloths sleep each day, and why sloths are so cute.

Teachers surprised students at the end of the visit by telling them that their classes will be adopting a sloth virtually through the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica! The adoption will help the sanctuary care for all of their sloths, and students will get updates about their adopted sloth. Thank you to Ms. Walker for visiting and teaching second graders about the slow but clever sloth!