2022 CAPS Healthcare Presentations

Simley Healthcare Careers Students Practice Their Year-end Presentations
Posted on 04/28/2022
TriDistrict careers students practice presenting their medical topicsSimley High School students in the TriDistrict Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Healthcare course practiced presenting their year-end projects this April. Students chose a medical pathway topic to research and teach others about. Topics included jobs like emergency room nurse, procedures like veterinary dentistry and anesthesia, and conditions like developmental disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Healthcare students explained their topic to visiting Simley students to prepare for their open house in June. Students who attended took notes about what they learned at each station.

In addition to helping Healthcare students cement their research skills and dive deeper into a topic of interest, the June presentations will also give students, families, potential business partners, and other attendees a better idea of what students learn in TriDistrict CAPS and how the program prepares them for lifelong success.

In the fall of the 2018-2019 school year, Simley partnered with the other TriDistrict high schools, South St. Paul Secondary and Two Rivers High School, to introduce the TriDistrict CAPS program. The career courses the program offered were modeled after the nationwide CAPS program, which gives students hands-on experience in different career fields alongside professionals. As the TriDistrict CAPS program enters its fifth year, it will offer students opportunities in business and entrepreneurship, healthcare, computer science and information technology, and transportation and skilled trades in partnership with local businesses. TriDistrict CAPS students gain first-hand experience and may be able to earn internships with local businesses and college credit. The CAPS program aims to give students an authentic understanding of the daily responsibilities of different jobs to help them make informed decisions about their next steps after high school graduation.

Juniors and seniors at the TriDistrict high schools can ask their counselors about enrolling in TriDistrict CAPS courses.