Pine Bend Story Walk

Pine Bend Students Build Skills With Outdoor Story Walk
Posted on 05/18/2022
Fifth-grade students lead kindergarteners through a story walkPine Bend Elementary School Title I staff, who provide extra support in reading and math, borrowed materials from the Dakota County Public Library to organize a story walk. Story walks feature giant picture book pages set up along an outdoor trail. Pine Bend students in all grades partnered with staff or other students to read stories placed around the outside of Pine Bend.

Kindergarten students partnered with a fifth-grade buddy in the morning to read “Say Hello” by Rachel Isadora. Fifth-grade students read each page to kindergarteners and then asked their kindergarten buddy to read a sight word and identify a letter and the sound it makes. The story also introduced students to words in other languages, including how to say “hello” in each of the eight languages in the book.

During the story walks for the other grades, Title I staff read to younger students, asking them questions about the story, and older students switched off reading pages to their classmates.

The Dakota County Library sets up story walk events in local parks throughout the year. Thank you to the library for lending story walk materials to Pine Bend as an interactive way for students to build their reading skills!