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199 Online High School Courses

Flexible courses with caring teachers today
for academic, personal, and professional success tomorrow

What is 199 Online?
Inver Grove Heights Schools created 199 Online during the summer of 2020. Although a fully online learning option was necessary during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, 199 Online has developed beyond a pandemic response tool. Today, area high school students in grades 9-12 can choose individual online courses or a full schedule of online courses through 199 Online. The program offers direct instruction from certified Simley High School teachers in a flexible format that meets each student’s needs and equips them with the skills they need to be successful in college and career.

Who is a good fit for 199 Online?
Online learning skills are future-ready skills. With more college classes and career trainings being offered online and more jobs becoming partially or fully remote, we encourage all of our Simley High School students to take at least one online course before graduation. Students can talk to their counselor about enrolling.

199 Online is open to more than Simley High School students, too! Students in grades 9-12 who live within 25 miles of Simley High School may enroll in 199 Online courses. Families have a few options for enrollment if they do not currently attend ISD 199:

Become a Spartan!  Families may open enroll in ISD 199. Once enrolled, students will be able to take individual 199 Online classes or a full online schedule. As a Spartan, they will also be able to participate in all ISD 199 events, extracurriculars, and athletics. Open enrollment is the only option for students who are currently homeschooled or attending a private school, per state guidelines.

Retain Your Enrollment.  Students currently attending a public school may retain their enrollment in their current school district while choosing individual 199 Online courses or taking a full schedule of online courses. Students will be able to continue participating in events, extracurriculars, and athletics at their home school. As per state guidelines, this option is not available for students who are currently homeschooled or attending a private school.

Why choose 199 Online?
Flexible learning.  We recognize that every student is different. Whether a child is dealing with a mental health or medical condition that makes learning difficult in a traditional classroom or whether that child just gets the most out of learning when they are online, 199 Online is here to help them succeed. We offer our online learning option so students can have flexibility in their learning time, place, style, and pace.

Certified teachers.  Every 199 Online class is led by a certified teacher at Simley High School. Your child will receive effective, engaging lessons with personal guidance from our teachers. Students who choose to take a full schedule of online classes have three synchronous classes per day and an asynchronous physical education class.

More course options.  199 Online is a great option for students at Simley or other area high schools who are looking for different classes. 199 Online classes provide students a flexible way to fit the learning they want into their day.

Personal attention.  199 Online means support for success. An advisory period is built into every 199 Online student’s schedule to allow time for students and teachers to connect. During the period, students have an opportunity to ask questions and get direct support and teachers can build positive relationships and better ensure each student’s success in the course.

College & career skills.  With more remote jobs and more online-only college classes, we want to prepare our students for whatever lies ahead for them. 199 Online classes teach students the skills they need to be successful, no matter what opportunities the future holds.

Device provided.  Nothing should stop students from getting the education that best fits their needs. That is why 199 Online provides a device and technology support to every student who enrolls. We make sure that our students have reliable technology for their online classes so they don’t miss a thing.

What classes are available?
199 Online offers classes for all core subjects plus some elective courses. Course offerings are comprehensive, but they do not necessarily match all courses available at Simley High School. Students can choose 199 Online courses that fit their schedule and needs and/or apply to dual enroll in Simley for any classes that are only available in-person. Click here to see a list of available 199 Online classes.

How do I enroll?
Contact our ISD 199 Digital Learning Coordinator, Kristy Cook, at [email protected] or 612-443-2808 to learn more about our program and get your 199 Online enrollment started.