Where can current policies be found?

Inver Grove Heights Schools (ISD 199) currently has approximately 150 policies in place to govern our district. The most current versions of the policies are available on this website. To view them, click on a policy section on the left.

Individual policies are saved as PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is needed to view them. Download a free version of Acrobat Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Many policies or summaries of policies are provided as required by statute or best practices in: student/parent handbooks, the district calendar, and/or in the district newsletter, the "199 Reporter."

How are policies used?

The care, management, and control of Independent School District 199 schools are the result of policies established by the local board of education. These policies are implemented by the superintendent and district staff.

How are policies determined and reviewed?

The policy committee works on review and development of policies on behalf of the board of education. The committee generally meets twice a month. When policies are developed or reviewed, the board committee must determine:
  • if the policies are aligned with the district’s mission and priorities;
  • if the policies are current and in alignment with state and federal law;
  • if the policies are clearly written and understandable; and
  • if procedures for implementation have been developed when necessary.
The committee works closely with district administrators to make sure the policies approved by the school board are not only what is best for the district but are truly executable by staff. The goal is to review all policies every three years; click here to view the review schedule. In addition, changes in state statutes often require policy changes to reflect new laws and, sometimes, require the district to create new policies.