Cultural Fashion Show

Simley Students Hold Cultural Fashion Show
Posted on 05/12/2022
Simley student walks the runway.Students in Simley High School’s International Club organized a Cultural Fashion Show this spring. The show featured cultural clothing and performances, and students shared facts about each culture’s outfits.

Students walked the runway in the Simley Performing Arts Center to model clothing from different cultures. Students showcased clothing from the Mexican, African, Native American, and Hmong cultures among others, and event hosts talked about the significance of the clothing, such as its colors and materials. Students also performed dances and musical acts for some of the cultures.

In addition to being an educational event, the show served as a fundraiser. Students collected clothing items as admission and donated the items to USAgain. The organization strives to reduce clothing waste, protect the planet, and provide more people with access to clothes they need. International Club students also held a raffle for prom tickets, a yearbook, and other prizes to raise money for the International Institute of Minnesota and its refugee services.

Great job to students who put on a memorable show, and thank you to everyone who attended and donated!