Flyer Distribution

Distribution of Community Materials to Students

ISD 199 has a flyer review process for sharing information on upcoming activities and events from community organizations and groups. This information is provided as a community service to our families. This process will help reduce the number of unsolicited flyers sent home to families and be more environmentally friendly. ISD 199 does not sponsor these activities and reserves the right to modify these procedures as necessary. Flyer approval or denial will be made by the superintendent or designee. Approval from another school district does not constitute ISD 199 approval. Approved postings will be listed on the district’s website.

In brief, follow the directions below to:
- Complete an ISD 199 Distribution of Materials Authorization Form.
- Send the completed form and a PDF of the flyer to: [email protected]

Criteria for possible materials to be distributed to students

Flyers submitted for review must offer educational and/or extra-curricular learning opportunities for students, parents and staff that are consistent with the district’s standards and mission. In order for flyers to be publicized through the schools, all activities, events, materials and opportunities must relate directly to children and families and must comply with the district’s Distribution of Materials on School District Property by Non-School Persons Policy. Information submitted for approval must offer opportunities to enhance student achievement and wellness and/or support District 199 programs. The School District reserves the right to deny permission for the posting or distribution of materials that are not consistent with the best interests of students or that directly compete with District programs or services.

The following definitions of groups and organizations with distribution guidelines have been developed:

  • School-related Activities—These are organizations that relate to school activities and to activities sponsored by student and parent organizations of the specific school the student attends, and student parent and community activities coordinated and or sponsored by the School District.
  • Community Organizations—These organizations are defined as not operating for profit
  • Churches—These organizations are defined as religious organizations operating for the benefit of a specific group within the community. Limited posters from these groups will be permitted when events serve a general community purpose, and do not conflict with the principles of separation of church and state.

What to submit:

  • A completed ISD 199 Distribution of Materials Authorization form. Click here to download a copy of the form.
  • A final PDF version, no bigger than 2MB, of the flyer including the following information:  
    - The name of the community organization or school
    - Name, address and phone number of person to contact for more information
    - The disclaimer: This activity is not sponsored by ISD 199
    - An expiration date of the activity or event

When to submit:

All flyer requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to being posted online. The flyers will be automatically updated and/or deleted on the 1st and 15th of each month.  This means if material is submitted by the 1st of the month it will be posted online by the 15th or if material is submitted by the 15th of the month it will be posted online by the 1st of the following month, and will remain posted for two weeks unless an expiration date is set. There is an expiration date option included on the ISD 199 Distribution of Materials Authorization Form.

How to submit:

Submit the ISD 199 Distribution of Materials Authorization Form and a PDF version of the flyer with the requirements above to [email protected]. Both the form and PDF must be submitted prior to review.

Approval or denial for distribution:

The Superintendent or designee will review the request and determine whether the materials are approved for posting on the district website. If approved, ISD 199 will email a signed copy of the ISD 199 Distribution of Materials Authorization Request Form with a tracking number to the requesting organization indicating approval of the flyer.

Where to view approved material:

Approved material will be posted in the District Flyers tab under District News.

ISD 199 is not responsible for any incorrect information on the flyer. The District reserves the right to reject, discontinue, or retract any online flyer postings that do not meet ISD 199 requirements.