Morning Announcement: Today's word of Wisdom
Published on Oct 7, 2015 09:28

Good morning Hilltop Supporters,

Here is our Today's word of Wisdom from morning announcement:

Many times we look at a situation and think "This is impossible." Louis
Brandeis, former Supreme Court judge, once said:
Most of the things worth doing in the world
had been declared impossible before they were done.
Did you know that it took Thomas Edison approximately one thousand tries
to create the light bulb? He persevered. He kept trying and trying. He didn't
give up even though some people thought that what he was doing was
Today, remember this: It doesn't always take a thousand tries to reach a
goal, but it may take a lot of perseverance. So if you have a 
dream or a
vision or a goal, remember Thomas Edison and keep at it!