Media Center

Pine Bend Media Center

Welcome to our Web site! At Pine Bend Elementary we are pleased to have access to a state-of-the-art media center. Pine Bend's Media Center offers a wide variety of resources. More than 16,000 books and reference materials and computers are available to students and teachers for personal, instructional and research uses.

Our Technology
21st Century tools for success.
As with the other Inver Grove Heights Schools, students have access to instruction and production with our hardware. Currently, our students work in two computer labs on Apple computers. Students develop skills using programs that feature word processing, spreadsheets, page layout, graphic organizers, data base, painting, and multi media presentations. In addition to desktop computers, our media center has laptops and iPads. Blending our technology with research skills provides a robust media program.

Our Collection
Interesting and useful choices.
The Pine Bend collection is focused on the student and the classroom. The fiction has literature that is selected to support classroom reading instruction. Students and teachers will find materials from award lists. In addition to award winning materials, students will find books that encourage independent reading and develop classroom reading skills. Nonfiction areas contain age appropriate materials that support classroom instruction. Our nonfiction materials support beginning research skills and fit topics that our students find interesting.

Our Goals
Preparing life-long learners. Our media center goal is to develop independent learners.  Pine Bend students learn to identify a task, use information seeking strategies, locate materials, use information, synthesize information and evaluate their product and process. Students in Grades K-2 will learn the Super3 and Grades 3-6 will learn the Big6 Skills information seeking strategies. 

Super3 The Super3 is a version of The Big 6 Skills for very young students. 
Big6 The Big6 is a process model of how to solve information problems.