Welcome to 6th Grade!

First Day of School Activities for 6th Graders

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6th Grade Information Night

Inver Grove Heights Middle School held a 6th Grade Information Night on Wednesday, January 31, for parents and guardians with students who will start 6th grade next school year. The information night included more information about IGH Middle School, its 6th-grade curriculum, and student opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year.

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Noche de información sobre sexto grado

Inver Grove Heights Middle School celebró una Noche de Información sobre 6º Grado el miércoles 31 de enero para padres y tutores con estudiantes que comenzarán el 6º grado el próximo año escolar. La noche informativa incluyó más información sobre IGH Middle School, su plan de estudios de sexto grado y las oportunidades estudiantiles para el año escolar 2024-2025.

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Hundreds of opportunities await you
at Inver Grove Heights Middle School!

A nationally recognized school
In 2018, IGH Middle School earned the designation of AVID National Demonstration School. The organization AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) designates schools that use teaching practices proven to help all students succeed and experience rigorous work. The few demonstration schools in the country act as learning centers for other educators. Demonstration schools are re-evaluated every three years. IGH Middle School earned revalidation in 2021.

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Digital Devices for All Students
The district implemented its Engage 199! initiative in 2018. The initiative helps personalize student learning by expanding access to digital devices and by training teachers to incorporate new ways of learning into their classrooms. Each middle school student receives an iPad to use for the school year. 

Most IGHMS Teachers Have Earned Advanced Degrees
At IGH Middle School, 72% of the teachers have earned advanced degrees, such as a master's degree or more. This is compared to the state average of 56%. Our teachers are highly trained to provide the best educational experience during this critical time in a student's life. 


Award-winning Arts and Athletics
IGH Middle School students have the opportunity to join band, choir, theatre, student clubs, and dozens of athletics programs alongside Simley High School students. Simley invites 6th-grade students to join some teams or develop their skills alongside high schoolers until they reach 7th grade.
6th Grade Interscholastic Sports Opportunities
Boys Golf (development)
Girls Golf (development)
Girls Gymnastics (development)
Boys Swim & Dive
Girls Swim & Dive
Girls Tennis (development)
Boys Track & Field
Girls Track & Field

7th and 8th Grade Interscholastic Sports Opportunities
Adapted Bowling Girls Golf (development)
Adapted Floor Hockey Girls Hockey
Adapted Soccer Boys Lacrosse
Adapted Softball Nordic Ski
Alpine Ski Boys Soccer
Boys Basketball Girls Soccer
Girls Basketball Boys Tennis
Cross Country Girls Tennis
Dance Team Trap Shooting
Football Girls Volleyball
Boys Golf (development)

Innovative, Hands-on Learning
Inver Grove Heights Middle School students will take classes like STEM Explorations and Challenged-Based Learning in 8th grade. These classes are designed for whole-student development that engages and inspires. Teachers provide interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities, service learning opportunities, and collaborative projects that allow students to explore their passions and find solutions to real-world issues.

Below are the course pathways most students take at IGH Middle School. Academically gifted students have additional opportunities for subject acceleration to earn early high school credit.

6th Grade Course Pathways (2021-2022)
  • Intro to Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra
  • English (Writing) I
  • English (Reading) I or English (Reading) II
  • Physical Science
  • MN History
  • Band/Intro to Band/ME/Choir (every other day) + P.E. (every other day)
  • Advisor: Academic Support, PBIS, Advisory Choice, Goal Setting, Student Recognition
Grade 7 Course Pathways (2022-2023)
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
  • English II or English III
  • Art
  • Life Science
  • U.S. History
  • Band/ME/Choir (every other day) + P.E. (every other day)
  • Advisor: Academic Support, PBIS, Advisory Choice, Goal Setting, Student Recognition
Grade 8 Course Pathways (2023-2024)
  • Algebra I or Algebra II
  • English III or HS Communications 9
  • STEM, Challenge Based Learning, & Spartan Pathways
  • Earth Science
  • Global Studies
  • Band/ME/Choir (every other day) + P.E. (every other day)
  • Advisor: Academic Support, PBIS, Advisory Choice, Goal Setting, Student Recognition

Acceleration and Early High School Credit
Classes at the Inver Grove Heights Middle School are designed to challenge each student through differentiated learning and advanced coursework. Academically gifted middle school students have additional opportunities to earn early high school credit through subject acceleration. Our Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator helps to identify and advocate for gifted and talented students.

AVID College Fair

Career Exploration and College Prep
Elective and required courses at IGH Middle School provide the research skills and opportunities for students to plan their college and career paths. The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elective focuses on organizational, time management, and social skills that will help students succeed in secondary school, college, and their future career. The Spartan Pathways course, a requirement for all IGH Middle School students, supports students as they plan their high school classes to achieve their college and career goals. IGH Middle School also hosts an annual Career Day to bring in local professionals to talk about their career paths.


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