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What is ISD 199’s total budget, how does the district spend its budget, and how does its voter-approved levy compare to those of surrounding districts?
ISD 199’s total budget is about $52 million for the 2022-2023 school year. We spend 68.61% of our revenue on student instruction and support, 11.49% on sites and buildings, 6.82% on district support services, 8.41% on transportation, and 4.67% on district and school administration.


Comparison of voter-approved operating levies
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What is on my tax statement?
The proposed tax statements that Dakota County sends out show residents' property tax for the City of Inver Grove Heights, Dakota County, Independent School District 199, and special taxing districts. Both the last year's taxes and the upcoming year's proposed taxes are listed to the right of each taxing entity along with the meeting information for each taxing authorities' public meeting information regarding property taxes. 

The amount of property taxes is based on the property value, which fluctuates from year to year. Although the overall tax rate for ISD 199's portion of the property taxes may increase or decrease by a specific percentage each year, the percentage may be slightly different depending on each individual property value.

What assistance is available to me for my taxes?
The Minnesota Homestead Credit Refund, also referred to as the “Circuit Breaker,” has existed since the 1970s. It is available each year to owners of homestead property (applies to taxes paid on house, garage, and one acre for agricultural homestead property) whose taxes are high relative to their income. Refunds are based on a sliding scale. Information about eligibility and maximum refunds for homeowners can be found here: Click here for the Minnesota Homestead Credit Refund information sheet

The Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral allows eligible people aged 65 and older to defer a portion of the property taxes on their home. This deferral limits the maximum amount of property tax paid to 3% of the owner's household income. Additional taxes are deferred but not forgiven. This program provides predictability so that the amount of tax paid will not change while the owner participates in this program. Deferred property taxes plus accrued interest must be paid when the home is sold or the homeowner(s) dies. Click here for full information about the Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral.

Is ISD 199 using COVID-19 funds as general funds?
No. Although we are very grateful for the additional funds we have received to address additional expenses related to COVID-19 and new health and safety procedures, ISD 199 continues to be careful and intentional about their use. Funds are being used according to each bill or grant’s requirements, but ISD 199 has taken the extra step to ensure that we are not using short-term funds for long-term operations. ISD 199 is dedicated to fiscal stewardship and sustainable spending.

With more funding related to COVID-19, does the district have more funding to use for all of its operations?
Funds related to COVID-19 are being used to offset the new and unexpected costs required in response to COVID-19’s impact. Any funds that have not been spent to make up for spending in response to the pandemic’s initial impact are being spent to support students, families, and staff in the aftermath of the pandemic’s peak. Funds are being used according to each bill or grant’s requirements, and ISD 199 has taken the extra step to ensure that we are not using short-term funds for long-term operations.