EL Services

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Services for English Language Learners

Who receives English Language (EL) Services?
Students receive direct instruction of the English language if they qualify. They are screened for EL if they have a native language other than English or they come from an environment where a language other than English is prominent.

What is EL Services?
Students are pulled out of their classroom and attend small-groups with the EL teacher.
Students are taught skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through academic, hands-on, and real-world instruction.

Students are provided with emotional support as they move through both exciting and frustrating experiences while developing their language abilities.

When are EL Services?
Students attend their EL class during their "WIN" or "What I Need" time at school. This is a time in their classroom dedicated to giving each student support and challenges that are personalized to their needs.

Why do EL Services help?
  • EL orients students to the school and community environment.
  • EL provides students with direct instruction of academic language that helps them succeed in their communities and in their content classes.
  • EL provides classroom teachers with support as they modify instruction and make adaptations to help the students succeed.
How long do students receive EL Services?
Students receive services until they are exited from the EL Program. They will take a 4-part test every year, called the ACCESS test, which will assess their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. Once they reach a proficient level in 3 of the 4 domains, they will be exited.

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