School Board

2024 ISD 199 School Board

Board Members (pictured left to right):

ISD 199 Board of Education 3 Year Agenda

Click here to view the Inver Grove Heights School Board 3 Year Agenda.

Who serves on the Board?

The District 199 Board of Education is comprised of seven voting members elected at-large from the total school community. The superintendent serves as a non-voting ex-officio member.

How do Board Members represent the district?

School Board members represent ISD 199 on district committees and in partnerships. Click here to view this year's committee assignments.

What are the School Board's roles & responsibilities?

This basic list of rules and responsibilities will be used to assist the board to better function as a team by generating discussion at a board work session.  The board team consists of the board members and the superintendent. 

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Our Board Team:
1. Adopts a district vision and/or mission for district improvement.
2. Adopts annual goals and priorities for district improvement.
3. Improving student learning is the primary focus of our board team decision-making.
4. Ensures the budget reflects the district’s strategic goals and priorities.
5. Uses district provided data and reports to assess progress and identify areas needing improvement.
6. Conducts business only at properly called meetings under the Open Meeting Law.
7. Maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive communication.
8. Information is shared equally with all board team members.
9. Members are open and honest with each other.
10. Members communicate with one another in a respectful manner.
11. Members support the decision of the board even when the vote is not unanimous
12. Our leadership team conducts comprehensive orientation activities to familiarize new board members with their role on the team.
13. The board chair and superintendent work together to develop a tentative agenda for the board to approve at its meeting.
14. Our board meetings are effective.
15. All board members are prepared for meetings.
16. Has a process for public participation at its board meetings and follows it.
17. Understands and follows the district chain of command.
18. Our superintendent exhibits confidence and trust in each member of the board.
19. Each board member exhibits confidence and trust in the superintendent.
20. Demonstrates support and respect for the superintendent's role as the chief executive officer of the district.
21. Evaluates the superintendent's performance at least annually.
22. Evaluates the superintendent's performance against predetermined goals.
23. Direction to the superintendent comes from the board as a whole, not individual board members.
24. Deals with conflict openly and honestly.
25. Conducts district business in accordance with established ethical standards.
26. Works to ensure a process is in place for effective internal and external communication.
27. Uses the policy manual to make decisions and to define its expectations of the school district.
28. Reviews the district policies on a three-year cycle.
29. Appropriately establishes and uses committees.
30. Supports a culture of professional development for itself and district staff.
31. Participates in an annual self-assessment to set and/or review progress of the board's improvement goals.

Inver Grove Heights Community Schools

Leadership Agreements

It is the moral imperative of every adult to hold high expectations and guarantee achievement for all students regardless of race.

We will…

  • open pathways and create the conditions to ensure that all students are successful in rigorous coursework and graduate college and career reappppfghfgh
  • provide all staff with necessary ongoing professional development and support based on culturally relevant practices
  • identify and eliminate practices and systems that create opportunities which are not inclusive for all students.

We must lead courageously, in the face of resistance, for all students and confront our racial achievement gap with intentional conversations and practices.

We will…

  • model, support, and strengthen staff capacity to carry out racial equity work in our district through confident, steadfast persistence.

  • use our voice and amplify the voices of students, staff, families, and the community to recognize and end racial inequities.
  • seek out experiences and perspectives different from our own.
  • put ourselves in situations that may be uncomfortable and realize that we can learn empathy and seek understanding.

It is our work to create a racially conscious, student focused culture eliminating racial disparity. We will…

  • identify all systemic racial disparities and end the policies, practices and programs that perpetuate them.
  • review and revise all curriculum and instructional practices to create a culturally relevant environment in every classroom.
  • align our use of time and resources to provide the highest learning experience for each student.

As leaders, we must ensure a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment resulting in productive relationships with each family and with the community.

We will…

  • intentionally listen to the voices of students, parent, and community members of color.
  • create flexible opportunities, outreach and schedules to ensure parents are able to engage in their child’s education. (e.g., conferences, mentoring, digital, volunteering)