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199 Replies 

Do you have a question about Inver Grove Heights School District 199 or one of our schools? Ask us!

Our vision for our school district includes an involved and invested community. To achieve our vision, we want to inform our neighbors and answer their questions when they arise. Browse some of the questions that have already been asked or ask your own question with the form below.

Thank you for being a part of our great community, and go Spartans!

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How were the ISD 199 boundaries decided?

Is Discovery Charter School part of the Inver Grove Heights School District 199?
Why do I receive the 199 Reporter newsletter if I don't have students in Inver Grove Heights Schools?

What is equity?
What happened to the honors track at IGH Middle School?
Does ISD 199 no longer give out F grades?
How are ISD 199 students performing?
What is Simley High School’s graduation rate?

What policies are in place around conducting student surveys?
Does ISD 199 teach Critical Race Theory?
Is “My Culture, Your Culture” professional development connected to Critical Race Theory?

What is ISD 199’s total budget, how does the district spend its budget, and how does its voter-approved levy compare to those of surrounding districts?
What is on my tax statement?
What assistance is available to me for my taxes?
Is ISD 199 using COVID-19 funds as general funds?
With more funding related to COVID-19, does the district have more funding to use for all of its operations?

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We also try to keep our community informed with district publications:

Every household within ISD 199's school boundaries receives the 199 Reporter, the Inver Grove Heights Schools quarterly newsletter. We believe that public schools are everyone's business, so we publish Back to School, Winter, Spring, and Summer editions of the 199 Reporter to keep our neighbors informed about what we are doing as a district and how we are serving students and to recognize the achievements of our students, the children of our community. Click here to view previous editions of the 199 Reporter, or click here to read more about why we send the 199 Reporter.

Each school year, all enrolled families are subscribed to the Inspire 199, our monthly district e-newsletter. Community members are also encouraged to subscribe to the e-newsletter, which features information about opportunities for families and community members, articles about our students and staff, and updates about our schools and district. Click here to subscribe to the Inspire 199. The e-newsletter is sent out on the last business day of each month.

Follow ISD 199 on social media to get updates about our students, staff, schools, and district: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your school, the ISD 199 District Office at 651-306-7800, or email [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support of our schools as we do all we can to fulfill our mission: “Inspire. Innovate. Excel. A Community Commitment.”